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Panama properties for sale & Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras real estate near Tierra Oscura, Bocas del Toro

On the mainland behind Shepherd Island, Tierra Oscura, Bocas del Toro 00000

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Abram Akradi


Rare Bocas del Toro coastal black sand beachfront and small farm land, this property has it all. 10 acres cacao, 2 acres noni, black sand beach front, spectacular ocean views, many elevated building sites, year-round spring on the property, has boat access and  you could make a road to the highway, 6 hectares TITLED, 18 hectares ROP, 35 minutes by boat to Bocas, 15 to Almirante.

Bocas del Toro sand beachfront and farm land features:

  • Fruit Trees and Cacao
  • Close to Road to David
  • Spring on The Property
  • Many Building Sites
  • Fertile Coastal Farmland
  • Amazing Black Sand Beach
  • Ocean View, Views, Views
  • 6 Hecs Titled, 18 Hecs ROP

When people come to Panama with the intention of purchasing a property on a tropical island paradise like Bocas del Toro, they are often confused by the way properties can be acquired. Most of us are used to the concept of having a property title and perhaps even access to a title company that researches a property and makes assurances there is a clear trail of ownership with no encumbrances on the land. Panama does have a property recording system similar to that of the US and these days, there are even title companies that offer their services to property buyers of titled properties.

What is different is a long-standing custom called “Rights of Possession”. It is a very old concept and is not unique to Panama. In a lot of ways it is a good concept for countries where the average income is marginal and many of the inhabitants have little or no chance of ever purchasing any property. 

Our property location experts are always happy to explain the process of ROP property and how it will work in your situation. 

Are you ready to stick your toes in the warm sand of Bocas del Toro? Contact us at United Country – Panama Paradise. Whether you’re looking for more information about this Bocas Del Toro sand beachfront and farm land or a beachfront condo, island residence, resort or commercial property, we have the expertise to make your dreams a reality.

  • Fruit trees and Cacao

  • Fresh water spring

  • Access to highway possible

  • Multiple building sites

  • Rare Black sand beach

  • Fertile soil

  • Ocean views, views, vews

  • 6 HAS titled, 18 HAS ROP

  • Coastal Property
  • Land for Sale
  • Sustainable
  • Alternative Energy
  • Investment & Income
  • Street Address: On the mainland behind Shepherd Island
  • City: Tierra Oscura
  • State: Bocas del Toro
  • Postal Code: 00000
  • County: Panama
  • MLS#: 60002-14102
  • Courtesy of : United Country Panama Paradise Bocas del Toro