Learn about living in Mexico.

Mexico’s ideal climate has much to do with why the country is such a desirable place to relocate. Warm sun and fresh breezes are as abundant as fresh salsa. If you’re fond of “seasons” as they’re defined in temperate zones, you’ll find that some of Mexico’s inland regions do experience some variations throughout the year, but without the drastic contrasts that are experienced much further to the north.

Like its Latin American neighbors, Mexico has a rainy season, which usually runs from May to September. But even during these months sunshine is still plentiful and outdoor fun and relaxation can be included in your agenda for the day.

Mexico City and other urban areas throughout the country have plentiful, first-rate hospitals and clinics, and you’ll have an array of public and private options to choose from. Additionally, the U.S. Consulate publishes an online directory of medical providers.

Pharmacies are easy to locate, with many offering after-hours services. Look for a green cross and the “Farmacia” sign, and expect to find a well-trained pharmacist inside who is fully qualified to assist you and dispense the medications you need.

The education system in Mexico is graduating students who are ready to compete in the global economy. Literacy soars above 90% in the country, and a diverse program for post-graduate studies is catapulting professionals to become leaders and experts in their respective fields.

A public education is free of charge to any Mexican citizen, but schools are open to non-citizens as well, though tuition is required in these cases.

Mexico has received media attention for drug-related violence, but it remains a relatively safe and enjoyable travel destination and a great place to live for the approximately 1 million U.S. citizens who have made Mexico their permanent home. Many of the stories one hears are connected to remote drug trade situations that rarely affect those wise enough to avoid associating with these activities.

Keep in mind that the news released today could be out-of-date, and remember that bad press events are oftentimes isolated and not necessarily indicative of the overall situation in Mexico. Rely on the U.S. State Department for the latest and most current information, and then comfortably enjoy the best that Mexico has to offer.

For more information about living safely in Mexico, see this article (document includes Spanish and English translations) or see this article.

Mexico has been one of the world’s key players in the global economy, and recent statistics indicate that this nation is soaring to become one of the forefront economies in the world.

Mexico is the largest auto-producing nation in North America, and it also boasts significant manufacturing of consumer electronics (including computers, mobile phones, and televisions). Healthy industrial activity, a strong services sector, and its status as a popular tourist destination have given rise to Mexico’s thriving, ever-expanding middle class.

Even the most experienced real estate investor will encounter unexpected nuances when buying property in Mexico. Our experienced real estate professionals are ready to guide you through every step of the process, from making an informed choice of properties to navigating the legalities and avoiding pitfalls.

Unseen neighborhood regulations, building codes, and other restrictions may apply in the area where you want to buy. Furthermore, licenses are not required for real estate brokerage and sales, so you’ll want to be sure you’re dealing with someone reputable whom you can trust – an advocate who will make sure your transaction is handled properly from start to finish.

Fortunately, Mexico makes investing in real estate accessible to anyone. Certain restrictions do apply to owning coastal and border areas, but even then, complete control of a property can be arranged through a bank trust. From seaside towns to idyllic villages nestled in the countryside, our United Country team is ready to apply our experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you find your freedom in Mexico.